Layla the husky headed out last night on her midnight patrol ‘n pee, the last of the evening, stuck her head in the azaleas and came out munching with that sideways chewing that dogs use to put their back molars to work. Which is but a forewarning of what’s coming…

Dear Sean –

Let me begin with this: how could I have ever competed with an enormous replica of the Millennium Falcon and all those Star Wars figurines?

Along with the other presents your mother packed around the Christmas tree, stacked on chairs, on the sofa, the table. A townhouse…

I need to assume that familiar head-in-hand-on-knee position — the dude posing atop the Gates of Hell — and get back to writing fiction. This current affairs stuff occupies too many brain cycles and I only have so many.

First, the piece on Medium about a dust up over Gray’s…

Bill Evans

A practicing writer and architect, he is now squandering hours making a mess from writing.

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